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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Final alpha release?

It's been quite a while, but a new release is finally available for download. This time, there are proper RPM and DEB packages, as well as Opensolaris IPS and Mac OSX PackageMaker packeges. And a Windows installer, as usual of course.

Some of the highlights of the release include:
  • Proper RPM (Fedora/RHEL), DEB (Debian/Ubuntu), PackageMaker (OSX) and IPS (Opensolaris) packages.
  • dns, https URI handler.
  • multipart/form-data parser.
  • Better SOAP service support.
  • Improved stylesheet matching rules.
  • Timers.
  • Rhino 1.7 release 2 RC3, H2 Database 1.1.107.
  • Partial ECMAscript 3.1 compatibility provided by the "esxx/harmony.js" include file.
  • New JS class, LRUCache, which is used for thread-local and program-local data.
  • Improved JMX interface.
  • And lots more ...
If all goes well, this will be the final alpha release, meaning there will hopefully not be any more API changes that are not backwards-compatible.

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