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Monday, February 2, 2009

What does "alpha" mean?

You might wonder what the fact that ESXX is still in "alpha" stage means. Is it a constant crashing piece of crap?

Far from it! ESXX has been used at a company (which shall remain unnamed for now) for almost six months, serving tens of thousands of user without problems.

No, "alpha" simply means that the API's are not yet completely stable and might change slightly. For example, in the last release, the Logger, Request and Response classes were moved inside the ESXX namespace in order to pollute the global namespace even less than before. Some existing code were affected, but not very much since you normally don't instansiate objects of any of these classes manually (with the exception of Response, perhaps).

With the next major release, I hope to finally freeze the API and move on to a beta period.

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